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Unit I:Introduction to consumer Behaviour (CB) : Impor-tance, Scope, need for studying CB, Consumer research process.

Unit II:Consumer models : Economic model, Psychoanalytic model, Sociological model, Howard & Seth model, Nicosia model, Engel-kollat-Blackwell model.

Unit III:Individual determinates : Perceptual process, consu-mer learning process, consumer attitude formation, attitude measurement, meaning and nature of personality, self concept.

Unit IV:Influences & Consumer Decision making : Family, reference group, personal, social and cultural influence on CB, Consumer Decision making process, Consumer Communication process, consumer satisfaction.

Unit V:Industrial Buying Behaviour : Participants, charac-teristics of industrial markets, factors influencing industrial markets, stages of industrial buying process, Customer and marketing of services.


1. Customer—Meaning and Classification, 2. Building Customer Satisfaction Through Quality,Service and Value, 3. Customer Lifetime Value and Profitability, 4. Customer Relationship Management : Tool forAttracting and Retaining Customers, 5. Introduction to Consumer Behaviour, 6. Consumer Research Process, 7. Models of Consumer Behaviour, 8. Individual Determinants : Personal and PsychologicalForces Affecting Consumer Behaviour, 9. Influence of Culture on Consumer Behaviour, 10. Social Factors Influence on Consumer Behaviour, 11. Consumer Decision Making, 12. Consumer Communication, 13. Industrial Buying Behaviour, 14. Industrial Buying Process.

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