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Unit-1 : India and the Contemporary World-II (History)

1.The Rise of Nationalism in Europe, 2. Nationalisam in India, 3. The Making of a Global World, 4. The Age of Industrialisation, 5. Print, Culture and the Modern World,
Appendix-I : (History) NCERT & Other Important Questions

Unit-2 : Contemporary India-II (Geography)

1.Resources and Development, 2. Forest and Wildlife Resources , 3. Water Resources, 4. Agriculture, 5. Minerals and Energy Resources, 6. Manufacturing Industries, 7. Lifelines of National Economy,
Appendix-II : (Geography) NCERT & Other Important Questions, Chapterwise Solutions

Unit-3 : Democratic Politics-II (Civics)

1.Power Sharing, 2 .Federalism, 3. Democracy and Diversity, 4. Caste, Religion and Gender, 5. Popular Struggles and Movements, 6. Political Parties, 7. Outcomes of Democracy, 8 .Challenges to Democracy,
Appendix : III (Civics) NCERT & Other Important Questions, Chapterwise Solutions

Unit-4 : Understanding Economic Development (Economics)

1.Development, 2 .Sectors of the Indian Economy, 3. Money and Credit, 4. Globalisation and the Indian Economy, 5 .Consumer Rights ,
Appendix : IV (Economics) NCERT & Other Important Questions, Chapterwise Solutions

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