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1.Management—Meaning, Characteristics and Functional Area 2. Management—Nature, Principles, Levels and Limitations 3 .Functions of Management and Managerial Roles 4. Development of Management Thought 5. Planning, 6. Types of Plans and Corporate Planning, 7. Management By Objectives (M.B.O.). 8. Decision-Making, 9. Environment Analysis and Diagnosis, 10. Nature and Process of Organisation, 11.Organisation Structure and Forms of Organisation, 12. Departmentation, 13. Authority, Responsibility and Delegation of Authority, 14. Centralisation and Decentralisation, 15. Direction—Concept and Techniques, 16. Managerial Control, 17. Techniques of Control, 18. Motivation, 19. Leading and Leadership, 20. Co-ordination—Meaning and Nature, 21. Communication, 22. Management of Change.

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