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UNIT – VI (Optics) A: Ray Optics and Optical Instuments

1. Reflection and Refraction of Light, 2. Reflection of Light at Spherical Surfaces: Lences, 3. Prism and Scattering of Light, 4. Chromatic and Spherical Aberration, 5. IOptical Instruments,

UNIT – VI (Optics) B : Wave Optics

6. Nature of Light and Huygen Principle, 7. Interference of Light, 8. Diffraction of Light, 9. Polarisation of Light,

UNIT – VII : Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

10. Particale Nature of Radiation and Wave Nature of Matter,

UNIT VIII : Atoms And Nuclei

11. Atomic Physics, 12. X- Rays, 13. Structure of The Nucleus, 14. Nuclear Energy, 15. Radioactivity,

UNIT IX : Electronic Devices

16. Semiconductor Diode and Transistor, 17. Digital Electronics

UNIT – X Communication System

18. Principle of Communication

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