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1. Word Processing, 2. Preparing Presentations, 3. Spreadsheet and its Business Applications, 4. Creating Business



Unit 1 : Word Processing

ntroduction to word Processing, Word processing concepts, Use of Templates, Working with word document; Editing text, Find and replace text, Formatting, Spell check, Autocorrect, Autotext; Bullets and numbering, Tabs, Paragraph Formatting, Indent, Page Formatting, Header and Footer, Tables; Inserting, Filling and Formatting a Table; Inserting Pictures and Video; Mail Merge; Including Linking with Database; Printing Documents.

Creating Business Documents using the above Facilities

Unit 2 : Preparing Presentation

Basics of Presentations : Slides, Fonts, Drawing, Editing; Inserting; Tables, Images, Texts, Symbols, Media; Design; Transition; Animation; and Slideshow.

Creating Business Presentations using above Facilities

Unit 3 : Spreadsheet and its Business Applications

Spreadsheet Concepts, Managing Worksheets; Formatting, Entering Data, Editing, and Printing a Worksheet; Handling Operators in Formula, Project Involving Multiple Spreadsheets, Organizing Charts and Graphs.

Generally used Spreadsheet Functions : Mathematical, Statistical, Financial, Logical, Date and Time Looking and Reference, Database and Text Functions.

Unit 4 : Creating Business Spreadsheet

Creating Spreadsheet in the Area of : Loan and Lease Statement; Ratio Analysis; Payroll Statements; Capital Budgeting; Depreciation Accounting; Graphical representation of Data; Frequency Distribution and its Statistical Parameters; Correlation and Regression.

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