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1. Social Psychology: Nature and Scope, methods of Social Behavior 2. Person Perception Knowledge: Concept, Determinants of Impression Formation 3. Socialization: Meaning, Process, Principles, Determinants (Mechanism) and Agents 4. Attribution of Causality: Meaning, Kind and Theories of Attribution: Harold Kelly and Bernard Weiner 5. Nature, Formation and Components of Attitude 6. Interpersonal Attraction (Concepts and Determinants) 7. Aggression: Personal and Social Determination, Biological, Situational and Social Learning Theory, Control on Aggression 8. Helping Behavior (Pro-Social Behavior): Personal, Situational and Socio-Cultural Determinants, By Stander Effect and Theoretical Perspective 9. Social Influence Processes: Social Theory, Conformity, Compliance, Obedience and Inter-Group Conflict 10. Intergroup Relations: Prejudice, Stereotypes, Conflict and Sources, Dynamics and Remedial Techniques 11. Group Dynamics: Definition, Importance Influent Structure, Functions, Types and Social Facilitation 12. Group Influence Processes: Structure, Group Power, Determinants, Social Loafing and Group Cohesiveness

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