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Unit-1 : India and the Contemporary World-1 (History)

1.The French Revolution, 2 .Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution, 3 .Nazism and the Rise of Hitler, 4. Forest Society and Colonialism, 5 .Postoralists in the Modern World,

Unit-2 : Contemporary India-1 (Geography)

1.India : Size and Location, 2 .Physical Features of India, 3 .Drainage, 4. Climate, 5. Natural Vegetation and Wild Life, 6 .Population,

Unit-3 : Democratic Politics-1 (Civics)

1.Democracy in the Contemporary World, 2. What is Democracy ? Why Democracy ?, 3. Constitutional Design, 4. Electoral Politics, 5. Working of Institutions, 6. Democratic Rights,

Unit-4 : Economics

1.The Story of Village Palampur, 2. People as Resources, 3 .Poverty as a Challenge, 4. Food Security in India,

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