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1.Family : Concept, Meaning, Definition, Importance and Functions, 2. Types of Families (Joint, Extended or Nuclear, Single and Female Headed Family), 3. Child : Concept and Definition and Stages of Childhood, 4. Needs and Problems of Children : Types of Children, 5. Personality Development : Role of Family, Peer Group, Neighbourhood and School, 6. National Policy for Children, 7. Youth Welfare : Concept, Meaning, Definition and Importance, 8. Needs and Problems of Youth : Youth Unrest, Youth Conflict and Youth Crime, 9. National Youth Policy, Role of Social Worker in Mitigation the Issue of Youth, 10. Elderly : Concept, Meaning and Definition, 11. Needs and Problems of Elderly, 12. Profile of Elderly, Constitutional and Legistative Provision for the Welfare of the Aged, 13. Community Development : Concept and Evolution, 14. Rural and Urban Community Development Programmes and 73rd and 74th Amendment, 15. Ecology and Development : Concept and Inter Linkages, 16. Organized and Unorganized Labour : Concept, Definition, Characteristics and Issues, 17. Concept of Labour Welfare, Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management, 18. Correctional Social Work : Concept, Definition, Chara-cteristics and Problems,19. Social Work Practice in Correctional Institutions, 20. Medical and Psychiatric Social work : Concept, Meaning, Definition and Scope, 21. Role and Functions of Medical and Psychiatric Social Workers, 22. School Social Work : Concept, Need and Challenges, 23. Advocacy : Legal Rights and Human Rights Campaign, 24. Womens Empowerment, Concept, Definition and Current Status, 25. Policies for Women Empowerment.

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