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1.Introducing Indian Society : Colonialism, Nationalism, Class and Community 2 Demographic Structure of Indian Society, 3. Rural-Urban Linkages and Divisions, 4. Family and Kinship, 5. Caste System, 6. Tribal Society 7. The Market as a Social Institution, 8. Caste Prejudice, Scheduled Castes and other Backward Classes, 9. Marginalization of Tribal Communities, 10. The Struggle for Women’s Equality and Rights, 11. The Protection of Religious Minorities, 12. Caring for the Differently Abled, 13. Challenges of Cultural Diversities : Communalism, Regionalism, Casteism and Patriarchy, 14. Role of the State in a Plural and Unequal Society, 15. What We Share ?, 16. Project Work,


1.Processes of Structural Change in India : Colonialism, Industriali-zation and Urbanization, 2. Processes of Cultural Change in India : Modernization, Westerniza-tion, Sanskritization and Secularization, 3. Social Reform Movements and Laws, 4. The Constitution : As an Instrument of Social Change,5. Political Parties, Pressure Groups and Democratic Politics, 6.Panchayati Raj and Challenges of Social Transformation, 7.Land Reforms, Green Revolution and Agrarian Society, 8. From Planned Industrialization to Liberalization, 9. Changes in Class-Structure, 10.Mass Media and Social Changes, 11. Globalization and Social Change, 12.Social Movements : Class based Workers and Peasant Movements, 14.Women’s Movement in Independent India, 15. Tribal Movements, 16. Environmental Movement.

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