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1. Meaning , Nature and Importance of Macro Economics , 2. Concepts, Components and Measurement of National Income. 3.National Income Accountng, 4. Circular Flow of income, 5. National Income and Economic Welfare, 6. Green Accounting, 7. The Classical Theory of Employment, 8. Keynesian Theory of Out and Employment – Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Functions – The Principle Of Effective Demand, 9. Consumption Function – Average and Marginal Propensity to Consume – Factors Infulencing Consumption Spending, 10.The Ivestment Multiplier and Its Effectiveness in L.D.C.S., 11.Theory of Investment – Autonomous and Induced Investment Marginal Effectiency of Capital, 12. Saving and Investment – Exante and Ex – Post Equality and Equilibrium, 13. Principle of Accelerator, 14. Rate of Interest – Classical, Neo-Classical and Keynesion and Liquidty Preference Theory, 15. IS and LM Function- Beneral Equilibrium of Product and Money Market, 16. Inflation-Concepts, Relationship Between Inlation and Unemployment Philip Curve.

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