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Part A : Foundations of Business

Unit 1 : Nature and Purpose of Business

1.Nature and Purpose of Business, 2 .Classification of Business Activities,

Unit 2 : Forms of Business Organisations

3.Forms of Business Organisations—Sole Proprietorship or Sole Trade, 4.Joint Hindu Family Business, 5 .Partnership, 6. Co-operative Societies, 7. Company/Joint Stock Company, 8 .Formation of a Company, 9. Choice of Form of Business Organisations and Starting a Business,

Unit 3 : Private, Public and Global Enterprises

10.Private and Public Sector/Enterprises, 11. Forms of Organising Public Sector Enterprises and Changing Role of Public Sector, 12. Global Enterprises (Multinational Companies) Joint Venture and Public Private Partnership,

Unit 4 : Business Services

13.Business Services-I Banking, 14. Business Services-II Insurance, 15. Business Services-III Communication : Postal and Telecom, 16. Business Services-IV Warehousing,

Unit 5 : Emerging Modes of Business

17.E-business and Outsourcing Services,

Unit 6 : Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics

18.Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics,

Part B : Corporate Organisation, Finance and Trade

Unit 7 : Sources of Business Finance

19.Sources of Business Finance,

Unit 8 : Small Business

20.Small Business,

Unit 9 : Internal Trade

21.Internal Trade,

Unit 10 : International Business

22.External Trade Or International Business,

Unit 11 : Project Work

23.Project Report

Value Based Questions (VBQ) with Answers,



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