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1.Problems of Scarcity and Choice, 2. Economic Systems, 3 .Demand & Supply : Basic Framework, 4. Market : Concept and Types, 5. Applications of Demand and Supply Curves, 6. Consumer’s Surplus, 7. Price Elasticity of Demand & Its Measurement, 8.Utility & Marginal Utility Analysis (Cardinal Utility Analysis), 9. Indifference Curve & Consumer’s Equilibrium (Ordinal Utility Analysis), 10. Production Process and the Behaviour of Profit Maximizing Firms, 11. Production Function, 12. Law of Return (Law of Variable Proportion), 13. ISO-Product Curve & its Characteristics, 14. Cost : Concept and Various Concepts, 15. Perfect Competition (Price Determination & Equilibrium of Firm in Perfect Competition), 16. Monopolistic Competition, 17. Oligopoly, 18. Game Theory, 19. Price Determination in Impact Competition, 20.Monopoly and Price Discrimination, 21. Theories of International Trade (Absolute and Comparative Advantage), 22. Free Trade and Protection.

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