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UNIT – I Book-Keeping

1.Introduction, 2 .Double Entry System, 3 .Journal, 4 .Ledger, 5 .Books of Original Entry : Cash Book, 6 .Other Books of Original Entry, 7 .Trial Balance, 8.Indian System of Book-Keeping,

UNIT – II Business Method

9.Business Method : Meaning and Importance, 10. Business Office : Organisation and Routine, 11. Record of Inward and Outward Correspondence, 12. Copying, 13. Commercial Correspondence : Meaning, Importance, Qualities and Main Constituents, 14. Correspondence Regarding Enquiries, Quotations and Orders,

UNIT – III Banking

15..Exchange : Meaning and Forms, 16. Origin and Growth of Money, 17. Money : Definition, Functions, Importance and Demerits, 18. Classification of Money, 19. Principles and Methods of Issue, 20. General Introduction of Monetary System in India,

UNIT – IV Economics

21.Definition of Economics, 22. Scope of Economics, 23. Importance of the Study of Economics, 24. Terminology Relating to Economics, 25. Consumption : Meaning, Kinds and Importance, 26. Classification and Characteristics of Wants,

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