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1.Introduction to Accounting, 2. Basic Accounting Terms or Terminology, 3. Theory Base of Accounting : Accounting Principles—Fundamental Assumptions or Concepts, 4. Accounting Standards and IFRS, 5. Double Entry System, 6. Process and Bases of Accounting, 7. Origin of Transactions : Source Documents and Vouchers, 8. Accounting Equation, 9. Rules of Debit and Credit, 10. Recording of Business Transactions : Books of Original Entry—Journal, 11. Ledger, 12. Special Purpose (Subsidiary) Books (I) : Cash Book, 13. Special Purpose (Subsidiary) Books (II), 14. Bank Reconciliation Statement, 15. Trial Balance and Errors, 16. Depreciation, 17. Provisions and Reserves, 18. Accounting for Bills of Exchange, 19. Rectification of Errors, 20. Capital and Revenue Expenditures and Receipts, 21.Financial Statements/Final Accounts (Without Adjustment), 22. Final Accounts (With Adjustment), 23. Accounts from Incomplete Records or Single Entry System,

Computer in Accounting

1.Introduction to Computer and Accounting Information System (AIS), 2. Applications of Computer in Accounting, 3. Accounting and Database System,
Project Work
Appendix : Dictionary of Accounting

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