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Part – A Accounting For Partnership Firms

1.(A). Accounting For not Profit Organisations, (B). Accounting For partnership Firms – Fundamental, 2.Goodwill : Meaning, Nature, Factors Affecting and Methods of Valuation, 3.Reconstitution of Partnership- Change in Profit Sharing Ratio among the Existing Partners, 4. Admission of a Partner, 5. Retirement of a Partner, 6. Death of a Partner, 7. Dissolution of Partnership firms,

Part- A Company Accounts +

1.Company:General Introduction, 2. accounting for Share Capital :Issue of Shares , 3 .Forfeiture and Re- Issue of Shares, 4. Issue of Debentures,

Part – B Financial Statements Analysis

5.Redemption of debentures , 6. Financial Statements of a Company: Balances Sheet and Statement of Profit and Loss, 7. Analysis of financial Statement, 8. Tools for Finanacial Statement Analysis Comparative Statements, 9. Common – Size statements, 10.Accounting Ratio, 11. Cash Flow Statement ,

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Chapterwise Objective Question

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