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1.Political Science : Definition, Nature, Scope and Relation with other Social Sciences, 2. Methods and Approaches to the Study of Political Science, 3 .State : Meaning, Nature, Origin and Theories of State Action, 4. Sovereignty : Monism and Pluralism, 5. Law : Definition, Sources and Classification, 6. Punishment, 7. Liberty and Equality, 8. Justice, 9. Political Power, Influence, Authority and Legitimacy, 10. Rights, Obligation and Duties, 11. Political Modernisation, Development and Culture, 12. Idealism and Social Justice, 13. Individualism and Capitalism, 14. Socialism and Anarchism, 15. Imperialism, 16. Nationalism, 17. Globalization, 18. Human Rights, 19. Feminism, 20. Parliamentary System, 21. Political Parties and Pressure Groups, 22. Organs of Government—Legislative, Executive and Judiciary, 23. Constitution and Constitutionalism, 24. Totalitarianism, 25. Public Opinion, 26. Secularism, 27. The ories of Representation Democratic Decentralization, 28. Post-Modernism.

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