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1.Human Geography : Meaning, Definitions, Scope, Evolution and Branches, 2.Elements of Human Geography, 3 .Man and Environment Relationship, 4.Determinism, Possibilism, Neo-Determinism and Probabilism, 5 .Basic Principles of Human Geography, 6. Distribution of Population and World Pattern, 7 .Global Migration, 8. World Population-Resource Relationship : Over, Under and Optimum Population, 9. Human Settlements : Rural Settlements, 10. Human Settlements : Urban Settlements, 11. Houses and Building Materials and Types, 12. Evolution of Human Economy and Stages of Economic Development, 13. Sequence of Human Occupancy, 14. Primitive Hunting and Gathering, 15. .Primitive and Modern Agriculture, 16. Evolution of Man, 17. Man in Pleistocene Age, 18. Cultural Landscape and Cultural Reals, 19. Human Races, 20. Major Tribes of the World, 21. Habitat, Economy and Society of Indian Tribes,

Practical – Thematic, Weather and Geological Maps

1.Maps, 2. Diagrammatic Data Presentation, 3. Preparation of Thematic Maps, 4. Weather Maps, 5. Geological Maps.

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