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1.Establishment of Turkish Satta, 2 .Establishment of Delhi Sultanate : The Slave Dynasty-Qutubuddin Aibak and Iltutmish, 3 .The Khilji Dyansty, 4. The Tuglaq Dynasty, 5. Lodi Dynasty, 6. Babur and Humayun, 7. Sher Shah Suri and his Administration and Land Revenue System, 8. Akbar, 9. Jahangir and Nurjehan, 10. Shahjehan, 11.Aurangzeb-Rajput, Religious and the Deccan Policy, 12. Decline and Disintegration of Mughals, 13. Post Mughal Period Political Condition and the Invasion of Nadirshah, 14. Rise of Maratha Under Shivaji, 15. Development of Architecture and Painting in Mughal Period, 16. Development of Sufism in India, Bhakti Movement and Re-strengthering in North India.

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