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1.Physical Geography : Definition, Nature, Scope and Geological Time-Scale, 2. Origin of the Earth, 3. Interior Structure of Earth, 4. Origin of Continents and Ocean Basins, 5. Theories of Isostacy, 6. Earthquakes, 7. Volcanoes, 8. Major Land forms–Mountains, 9. Plate Tectonics, 10. Rocks, 11. Movements of the Earth Crust, 12.Denudation, Weathering and Erosion], 13. Concept of Cycle of Erosion, 14. Drainage Pattern, 15. Running Water or Fluvial Cycle of Erosion, 16. Agents of Erosion—Winds 17. Agents of Erosion—Glaciars, 18. Underground Water and Karst Topography,


1.Weather and Climate, 2. Atmosphere : Its Composition and Layers, 3. Insolation and Heat Budget, 4.Temperature, 5. Atmospheric Pressure and Winds, 6. Atmospheric Humidity and Precipitation, 7. Air Masses, Fronts and Cyclones Anticyclones, 8. Classification of World Climate, 9. Atmospheric Pollution and Global Warming,


1.Relevence of Oceanography, 2. Ocean Relief, 3. Oceanic Water : Distribution of Temperature, 4. Salinity of Oceanic Water, 5. Movements of Oceanic Water : Waves and Currents, 6. Movements of Oceanic Water : Tides, 7. Ocean Bed Deposits, 8. Coral Reefs, 9. Ocean : As Storehouse of Resources for Future,


1.Components of Biosphere and Evolution of Plants and Animals, 2. Dispersal, Distribution of Plants and Animals and Biotic Succesion, 3. Biome, Zoo-Geographical Region and Ecosystem,


1.Cartography : Nature and Scope, 2. Scale, 3. Map Projection, 4. Topographical Map.

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