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1. Deviance : Concept, Meaning and Definition, 2. Crime 3. Juvenile Delinquency, 4. White-Collar Crime, 5. Corruption in Public Sphere, 6. Cyber Crime, 7. Drug-Addiction, 8. Suicide , 9. Terrarism, 10. Poverty, 11. Caste Inquality, 12. Ethnic, Religious and Regional Problems in Indian Society, 13. Problems of Minorities in Indian Society, 14. Problems of Backward Classes, 15. Problems of Dalits, 16. Dowry-System, 17. Domestic Violence, 18. Divorce, 19. Intra and Inter-Generation Conflict, 20. Problems of Elderly, 21. Concept of Development, Economic Vs. Social Develop-ment and Human Development , 22. Theories of Development (Rostow, Smelser and Lerner), 23. Under Development, Globalization and Development of Society, 24. Issue of Development (Agrarian Crisis, Human Resource Development and Skilled Unemployment), 25. Ecology and Development, 26. Development Induced Displacement, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy, 27. Sustainable Development, 28. Global Warming and Climate Change.

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