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1. Social Change: Concept, Nature and Factor of Social Change 2. Types of Social Change: Evolution and Revolution 3. Progress and Development 4. Theories of Social Change: Linear and Cyclical 5. Factors of Social Change: Demographical 6. Information and Economic Factors of Social Change 7. Processes of Social Change in India: Sanskritization 8. Westernization: Meaning, Characteristics and Consequences (Westernization and Change in Indian Society and Institutions) 9. Modernization 10. Secularization 11. Globalization 12. Prochialization and Universalization of Traditions 13. Social Movement: Meaning, Definitions, Nature and Characteristics 14. Social Movement and Social Change 15. Theories of Social Movements 16. New Social Movement 17. Types of Social Movement 18. Social Change in India Through Social Movement 19. Labour and Trade-Union Movement 20. Dalit Movement 21. Women’s Movement 22. Environmental Movement

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