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1.The Structure and Composition of Indian Society : Villages, Towns, Cities and Rural-Urban Linkage, 2. Indian Society : Features and Unity in Diversity, 3. Various Perspectives or Trends of Sociological Studies in India, 4. Cultural, Ethnic, Religious, Language and Regional Diversities in Indian Society, 5 .Tribal Communities in India, 6. Basic Institution of Indian Society : Caste, 7. Marriage, 8. Religion, 9. Class, 10. Joint Family, 11. Social Classes in India : Agrarian/Rural and Industrial/ Urban, 12. Exclusion Versus Inclusion : Dalits and Backward Classes, 13. Women in India, 14. Population, 15. Composition of Indian Population, 16. Change and Transformation in India Society, 17. National Integration, 18. Communalism, 19. Naxalism

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