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1.Process of Democratization in Post-Colonial India, 2. Dimensions of Democracy : Social, Economic and Political, 3. Factors Shaping the Indian Political System Since Independence, 4. Quasi-Federalism, 5. Politics of Coalition in India, 6. Political Parties and Party System in India, 7. Impact of Democratic Decentralization : Urban and Rural Self Government, 8. The 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments, 9. Pressure Groups, 10. Determinants of Voting Behaviour, 11. Caste and Politics, 12. Need of Electoral Reforms, 13. Politics of Secession and Accommodation in India, 14. Religion and Politics in India & Debate on Secularism, 15. Affirmative Action in India : Women Caste and Class, 16. Challenges of National Building : Ethnicity, Language, Regionalism and Caste, 17. Majority and Minority Communalism, 18.Corruption, 19. Politics of Defection, 20. Politics of President Rule.

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