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1.First Aid, 2. First Aid Techniques : Use of Bandages and Transfer of Injured, 3. First Aid Related with Respiratory System, 4. First Aid Related with Heart, Blood and Circulation, 5. First Aid for Injuries and Wounds, 6. First Aid Related with Bons, Joints and Muscles Related Injuries, 7. First Aid Related with Nervous System and Unconscious-ness, 8. First Aid Related with Gastrointestinal Tract, 9. First Aid Related with Skin & Burns, 10. First Aid Related with Poisoning by Swallowing, Injection, Gases and Skin, 11. Specific Emergency Satiation and Disaster Management, Emergency at Educational Institutes and Works, 12. Sex Education, 13. Pregnancy, 14. Homosexuality, 15. Sexual Harassment, 16. Mental Health and Psychological First Aid, 17. Mental Health Problems in India, 18. The Mental Health First Aid Action Plan, 19. Understanding Depression and Anxiety Disorder, 20. Crisist First Aid for Suicidal Behaviours and Depressive Symptoms, 21. What is Non-Suicidal Self Injury ?, 22. Non-Crisis First Aid for Depression and Anxiety, 23. Crisis First Aid for Panic Attacks Traumatic Events, 24. Understanding Disorders in Which Psychosis May Occur, 25. Understanding Substance Use Disorder.

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