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1.History : Meaning, Scope and Sources, 2.Eminent Historians of India, 3.Pre-Historic Period : Paleolithic and Mesolithic Age, 4. Neolithic and Caleolithic Age, 5. Indus Valley Civilization (Harappan Civilization), 6 .Vedic and Later Vedic Period, 7. Rise of Magadh Empire., 8. Rise of Mauryan Empire : Chandragupta, Bindusar, 9. Mauryan State Administration, Economy and Society, 10. Mauryan Art and Architecture, 11. Ashoka the Great, 12. The Gupta Empire : Samudragupta and Chandragupta-II, 13. Administration of Gupta Period : The Golden Age, 14. Society, Economy, Religion, Art, Literature, Science and Technology of Gupta Period, 15. Harshvardhan : Rise of Kingdom, Administration, Buddhism and Nalanda University, 16. Rise of Rajputs, 17. Gurjara-Pratihar, Parmar and Chauhan, 18. The Chalukya Dynasty, 19. Rise of Feudalism in India, 20. Invasion of Mahmud Ghaznavi and Md. Ghori.

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