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1.Traditional Home Science and its Relevance in Current Era, 2 .Cell System, 3.Digestive System, 4. Respiratory System, 5. Cardio Vascular System, 6.Food, 7. Nutrition, 8. Various Methods of Cooking and their Effects on Nutritions Value, 9. Human Development, 10.Determinants of Development : Heredity and Environ-ment, 11. Stages of Prenatal Development and Development of Embryo, 12. Birth Process, 13. Infancy, 14. Early Childhood (3-6 Years),


1.Weighing of Raw Materials of Food, 2. Preparing of Food Items before Cooking, 3 .Different Methods of Cooking, 4. Different Styles of Cutting Fruits and Vegetables, 5. Preparation of Nutrients Rich Dishes. 210

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