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Part A : Contemporary World Politics

1.Cold War Era in World Politics, 2. Disintegration of the Second World and the Collapse of Bipolarity, 3. American Dominance in World Politics, 4. Alternative Centres of Economic and Political Powers, 5. South Asia in Post-Cold War Era , 6. International Organisation, 7. Security in Contemporary World, 8. Environment and Natural Resources in Global Politics, 9. Globalisation,

Part ‘B’ : Politics in India since Independence

1.Nation-Building and its Problems, 2. Era of One-Party Dominance, 3. Politics of Planned Development, 4. India’s External Relations, 5. Challenges to and Restoration of the Congress System, 6. Crisis of the Constitutional Order, 7. Regional Aspirations and Conflicts, 8. Rise of New Social Movements, 9. Democratic Upsurge and Coalition Politics, 10. Recent Issues and Challenges

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