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1.The Living World, 2. Classification of Living Beings, 3. Plant Kingdom, 4. Animal Kingdom, 5. Morphology of Flowering Plants, 6. Anatomy of Flowering Plants, 7. Structural Organization in Animals, 8. Cell : Structural and Functional Unit, 9.Biomolecules, 10.Cell Cycle and Cell Division, 11. Transportation in Plants, 12. Mineral Nutrition in Plants, 13. Photosynthesis in Higher Plants, 14. Respiration in Plants, 15. Growth and Development in Plants, 16. Digestion and Absorption, 17. Respiration and Gaseous Exchange, 18.Circulation of Body Fluid, 19.Excretory Products and their Excretion, 20. Locomotion and Movement, 21. Nervous Control and Co-ordination, 22. Chemical Co-ordinations and Controlling.

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