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1.Demonstration of Model Budget by Teacher, 2 .Income-Expenditure and Savings Through Post Office and Bank, 3 .Cleaning the House, 4. Home Decoration, 5. Home Mathematics : Easy Calculations,


6. Water Sources and Use, 7. Water Impurities and Purification of Water by Household Methods, 8. Diseases Caused by Impure Water, 9. Environment and Pollution its Effect Human Life, 10. Common Infectious Diseases, 11 .Sewing Kit and Clothing Construction Method, 12 .Washing and Maintenance of Clothes, 13. Kitchen Arrangement, 14.Maintenance and Cleaning of Kitchen, 15. Main Methods of Cooking and Serving Food, 16 .Diet in States of Different Diseases, 17. Food Poisoning, 18. Human Skeletal System and Joints, 19. Fracture and Sprain, 20. Elementary Knowledge of Respiratory System, 21. Natural and Artificial Respiration Process, 22. Transfer of Injured by Posture of Hands, 23.Sponge the Patient, Hot Fomentation and use of Ice Bag for Cold Sack, 24. Patient’s Pulse Respiratory Rate and Chart of Temperatures,

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