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1.Introduction to World History,

Section ‘A’ : Early Societies

2.Early Societies, 3. From the Beginning of Time Palaeolithic, 4. Early Cities and the Nature of Early Urban Societies,

Section ‘B’ : Empires

5.Empires, 6.(A). An Empire across Three Continents : Roman Empire (27 BC to 600 A.D.), 6.(B). An Empire across Three Continents : Irani Empire, 7. Rise of Islamic Empires and the Crusades, 8. The Empire of Nomadic Mongols (13th to 14th Century),

Section ‘C’ : Changing Traditions

9.Changing Traditions, 10. Three Orders of the Western Europe : 9th-16th Century, 11. Changing Cultural Traditions of Europe : 14th to 17th Century, 12. European Voyage and Controntation of Cultures,

Section ‘D’ : Paths to Modernization

13.Paths to Modernization, 14.The Industrial Revolution, 15. Displacement of Indigenous People in America and Australia, 16.Path to Modernization : China and Japan,

High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) Questions



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