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Part (A) : Housing

1.Home And House, 2. Self-Construction, Purchased And Rented House, 3. Principles of Accomondation Planning, 4. Planning of Different living Spaces in Housing, 5. Housing Scheme for Different Income Group, 6. Kitchen, 7. Bathroom And Toilet, 8. Importance of Design in House-Decoration, 9. Basic Principles of House Decoration, 10. House Decoration and Element of Art, 11. Use of Elements of Art in House Decoration, 12. Application of Principles of Art in House Decoration, 13. Uses of Colour in House Decoration, 14. Colour Combination in House Decoration, 15. Lighting Arrangement in A House, 16. Arrangement of Accessories in Home Decoration, 17. Flower Arrangement,

Part (B) : Extension Education

1.Introduction of Extension Education, 2. History of Extension Education in India, 3. Extension Worker : Role And Quality, 4. Home Science Extension Education, 5. Criteria Communication And Extension Education Methods, 6. Communication in Extension Function, 7. Kinds of Communication, 8. Non-Verbal Aspects of Communication, 9. Barriers And Breakdowns in Communication, 10. Audio-Visual Aids,

Practical Home Science (Resource Planning and Decoration)

1.Preparation to Time Plans for Self and Family, 2. Market Survey of Household Equipment, 3. Draw House Plans Standard Specification and Furniture Layout, 4. Preparation of Colour Wheel and Colour Schemes,


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