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Economic Geography

1. Meaning, Concepts and Approaches of Economic Geography, 2. Major Agricultural Regions of the World (Derwent Whittlesey), 3. Resource : Meaning, Concept and Classification, 4. Spatial Organisation of Economic Activites, 5. Economic Organisation of Space, 6. Forestry, 7. Fisheries, 8. Mining Activities, 9. Agricultural Typology, 10. Agricultural Land use Model (J.H.V on Thunen), 11. Types of Industries : Factors of Location of Industries, Iron and Steel Industry, Cotton Textiles and Sugar Industry, 12. Theory of Industrial Location (Alfred Weber), 13. World Transportation : Sea Routes and Major Trans-Continental Railways, 14. WTO Trade Organisation and International Trade : Patterns and Trends, 15. Effect of Globalization on Developing countries.

Practical Geography

Weather Maps, Geological Map and Surveying

1. Weather Maps, 2. Geological Maps, 3. Instrumental Survey : Indian Clinometer, 4. Instrumental Survey : Theodolite.

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