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1. Advent of Europeans In India, 2. Asecendancy of East India Company Battle of Plassey and Buxer, 3. Territorial expansion of East India Company, 4. Lord Cornwallis, 5. Regulating act and Pitts India Act, 6. Anglo – Mysore, Anglo- Maratha Relations, 7. Lord Wellesley, 8. Lord Hastings, 9. Lord Villiams Bentinck and his Reforms, 10. Lord auekland and Lord Harding (Afgan Policy), 11. Rise of Ounjab : Ranjit singh – Conquest and Administration, 12. Lord Dalhausie, 13. British Land Revenue sttlement Permanent Settlement Raiyatwari and Mahalwari System, 14. Indian Renaissance – REforms and Revivals, 15. Internal Administration of Lord Lytton and Lord Ripon, 16. Lord Curzon and The Partition of Bengal, 17.. Commerciliation of Agricultural and the Impact on India, 18. Development of Railway in British Period, 19. Development of Education in Colonil India, 20. Marley- Minto Refroms, The Govt of India act of 1919 abnd 1935, 21. Rise and Development of Communalism in India1 22. Intergration of India States and Role of Sradar Ballabh Bhaio Patel.

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