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1. Psychological Measurement : Measurement, Levels of Measurement, Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio, Continuous and Discrete Variables and Psychological Scaling Methods 2. Psychological Research : Definition, Goal, Steps and Ethical Nature 3. Psychological Statistics Introduction 4. Non-Parametric Tests 5. Measures of Central Tendency : Mean, Median and Mode 6. Measures of Variability : Concept, Range and Inter– coefficient of Variance, Variation, Quartile Range, Standard Deviation 7. Frequency Distribution : Univariate and Bivariate 8. Graphical Representation of Data 9. Normal Distribution and Its Applications 10. Correlation : Concept, Liner, Non-Liner, Product Moment, Rank Order, Biserial, Point Biserial and Tetrachoric 11. Chi-Square Test and Mann-Whitney U-Test 12. Test : Meaning, Characteristics and Construction 13. Validity 14. Reliability 15. Intelligence Test 16. Personality Test

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